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A-Z Typographic Journal

Using only black (including tints) and one Pantone colour I was asked to produce an A4 portrait booklet called A to Z Personal Typographic Journal (PTJ). Each letter or page has to visually explain and include only three of these items for example:

Letter A = Asymmetric Layout (typographic term), Arial (font), and Airbrush (process), and on the opposite page letter B = Bodoni (the font and designer) and the print process Blind Emboss.

The elements of the design include a font & back cover, p.1 title page, p.2-27 individual letters from the alphabet (A to Z), and p.28 a colophon. Each letter of the alphabet (A, B, C, D, etc.) visually explains a combination of key typographic terms, typographic designers, techniques, and processes.