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Upside Autism

Over 700,000 individuals in the United Kingdom have been diagnosed with a form of autism. Together with their families, autism is part of daily life for about 2.8 million people.

Upside Autism is a UK charity, that provides information, pioneering services plus, events to create a better world for autistic people. Their aim is to provide awareness of the condition, in addition to empowering plus connecting individuals within the autism community and the wider community.

Charity main goals

The main goals of this charity are to change the public’s view on autism and to embrace the beauty and diversity of autistic people. Leading to acceptance. We are all on the spectrum.

As the autistic world is a puzzle to us, and ours is puzzling to them, how beautiful would it be if with enough acceptance and understanding our puzzling worlds could come together and fit perfectly.

Sarah Greenall

Charity Values

  1. Promote positive communication
  2. Promote positive workplace advice
  3. Everything they do is person-centered
  4. Value difference
  5. Courageous
  6. Team Players
  7. Respectful

Brand Logo & Guidelines

Upside Autism asked me to create the brand for example the logo, brand guidelines, app mockup design, and poster designs. They wanted to use the colours which are associated with autism along with the values of the company.

Along with this in regard to the logo design, I made the letter U like a smiley face and the letter D look up. Both of these simple ideas represent a positive attitude. Along with this the letter T on autism is switched round to represent how there view the world differently.

Awareness campaign

The discussion forum-based application allows users to publish onto the forum feed; photos, upcoming events, workshop courses/classes, and regular updates from the campaign.

Famous people with Autism

I was tasked to create graphic avatars for the charity which represents famous people who all have autism such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tim Burton, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Susan Boyle and Steven Spielberg. This was to showcase that autism is a gift and you can do anything you want.